wee bees

Wee Bees

6 weeks – 18 months old

ALK offers infant care in a nurturing environment with caring teachers. Our infant room staff is educated in the latest best practice infant care. We spend time holding and talking to the babies while promoting social and language skills. We build relationships and trust with each baby. Our environment provides space for movement and exploration while developing motor skills.

Lil Hoppers

12 months + walking – 3 years old

Our toddlers are on the move and ready to explore their environment. We provide them with a safe, healthy and fun space to actively learn and explore. The toddler room teachers are here to guide their active explorations while promoting language and social skills. Activities and age appropriate learning materials are provided and encouraged to promote large and fine motor skills. Lil Hoppers focus on physical development as well as language and social/emotional development. We promote independence and confidence through active play, music and art.



3 – 4 years old

Trust and safety lay the foundation for learning in the Caterpillar classroom. Children are taught self-soothing, relaxation and breathing techniques. Children are supported as they learn basic self help skills as well as how and when to ask for help. Children become proud and confident as they exclaim “I did it!” and learn to help each other feel safe and supported. Modeling appropriate choices and language helps the children learn manners as well as the limits of acceptable behavior. All children are happier with boundaries and support so that academic learning can follow.


Butterfly Classroom

Ages 4 years old & up

Kindergarten preparation is an intricate part of our academic schedule as is science and math which are sometimes done through games and experiments. We focus on self responsibility, cooperation, learning through exploration, plus encourage social and emotional growth through the philosophy that each child is unique and has individual developmental needs, styles, and differences. Teachers focus on each child as an individual and encourage every child to learn at their own pace with customized activities and projects.