Chickadee Newsletter Week of 11/26/2018
Good Evening!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. We sadly said good-bye to Miss Erica today. She was given a wonderful opportunity out of the blue to work with families with autistic children and she begins her new job next week.
Last week we made tissue paper turkey’s. They turned out really neat, and are up in the window. The kids practiced fine motor skills by putting feathers into a colander and pulling them out.
We started this week drawing. The kids made their own pictures and we all drew a big picture together. Then we walked out to the field and played there for a little while. On Tuesday the kids got to help make mini pumpkin pies. They had fun mixing all the ingredients. We weren’t able to eat them because it took longer to bake than expected and they were too hot for snack time. We were able to enjoy the pies for snack on Wednesday.Thursday everyone got a bit wet playing in our “Fall Sensory Soup.” There were things left over from our nature walk at the beginning of the month all together in the water.
For December we will be talking about different winter holidays. On December 12, I will be bringing in salsa and guacamole to have with lunch in celebration of the “feast of Our Lady Guadalupe.” Parents are welcome to join us for lunch.

If you’d like your child screened for dental needs this month, please fill out and return the consent form by next week.  We are closed December 24th and reopening January 2nd.

Please feel free to reach out with other questions you may have.
Thank you!

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About the Author: Ari Flauta