Chickadee Newsletter week of 10/22/2018
Hello Families!
It has been a fun pumpkin-y week  here in the Chickadee room. The kids practiced fine-motor skills with gluing their own Jack-O-Lanterns. They were able to enjoy a fun sensory experience dissecting larger pumpkins. Some of the kids enjoyed the ooey gooey feeling, others did not. Everyone enjoyed choosing and painting their own little pumpkins to come home.
I have some bad news. As of this moment my phone is unusable. This means that I do not have any pictures to send this week. I am hoping that it is still recoverable. If this is the case I will send pictures out as soon as I can. If not, then I do not have any pictures for this week other than the couple I may have sent to individual parents.
Thank you for filling out the Family Questionnaire. It is useful to have that information right in the classroom. One thing that many of you mentioned for learning goals this fall is working on communication and words. Erica and I are going to be more intentional about using sign language with all of our Chickadees. We are working to get into the habit of using our signs every time we say these words.
I am attaching a sheet with some basic signs that we will be using. This page is where I took the images from. There are more if you want to check them out. If you are able to use these at home it will help reinforce them, and they will begin to use the signs more frequently. This is  also a great resource for some simple sign language. It has a slideshow of gifs, written descriptions, and some videos.
Next week is Halloween! Mr. Scott comes for music from 9:45 – 10:15. After this we will be dressing up our Chickadees and using the stroller to head to Alfalfa’s. They will be walking to the different shops in that area to trick or treat before coming back to the school for lunch. The older kids will be doing the same but a little later.
Take a look our November calendar and see some of the fun we are going to have! At the end of the month Erica and I want to do a fun baking activity, letting the kids help make mini pumpkin pies. Please take a look at what day that is. If you do not want your child to participate, or do not want them to have pumpkin pie for snack that day let us know ahead of time.
Reminder that School Picture Day is November 13th. If this is not a normal attendance day for your child you may still come in and get pictures taken.
Lastly, Kristen has organized some Parent’s nights Out. This is an evening where parents can drop their children off at school for a few hours with ALK staff. Because this is outside of regular business hours parents will need to bring payment day of, as this does not charge to regular tuition. Keep an eye out for sign up sheets by the front desk.
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
-Miss Ari

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